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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The story of a boy wizard named Harry Potter who assists in the hijacking of a car to fly to school. This dragon prefers to travel by wings as they are faster - I advise Harry to invest in a suitable set for his next escapade.

Ever the adventurer, Harry confronts a mischievous elf (be weary of those fiendish tricksters), a willow tree with a poor attitude, and talking spiders (yuck)! However, the highlight of this wonderfully written tale is the monster in the walls. This basilisk, aka legless dragon, was clearly misunderstood. Can you imagine how hard it would be to make friends when you petrify anyone who makes eye contact? If you ask me, the real villain is this Tom Riddle character, and my cousin the basilisk is the victim.

Regardless of your stance on the innocent basilisk, the author weaves a wonderful tale filled with adventure and heart. I heartily recommend reading this tale as you curl near the light of a candle lit by your own fiery breath.


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