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The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Let’s give thanks that there is a school for good and evil. A delicious notion, like a warm thanksgiving pumpkin pie! The story centers around a human girl named Sophie who believes she is destined for the school of good. Like Cinderella or Snow White, all Sophie needs is a good beauty routine, devotion to good deeds, and a pair of glass slippers. (Why Cinderella instituted that uncomfortable fashion trend is beyond this sensible dragon.) Meanwhile her levelheaded best friend, Agatha, who wisely dresses in shapeless black frocks and owns a mean black cat, seems perfect for the school of evil.

But alas! Upon arrival they are switched! Sophie must learn uglification and hexes while Agatha is stuck in princess etiquette. Torturous!

Agatha is desperate to return home, and Sophie determined to earn her place as a princess, resulting in a comedic twist on the traditional fairytale story arch. This dragon’s only criticism is the shocking lack of my scaley cousins. The school of evil would make an excellent dragon training facility. I envision classes titled: hoarding 101, how to achieve minty-fresh fire breath, and soaring to great heights. Can you imagine? A little schooling could take this dragon to the next level. No one showed me how to protect my treasure of books! I learned by my own claws. I am fortunate to be gifted with a crafty nature – humans replace the trove at Castle Dragonstone. A little trickery I devised. But I digress.

This cunning and often dangerous fairytale is a wild ride which has earned this dragon’s endorsement!

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