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Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Curl up this winter by Howl’s fireplace! Cursed by the Witch of the Waste, Sophie finds herself transformed into a withered old lady. Her chance to break free from this nasty spell rests in the ever-moving castle roaming the hills which is owned by the feared Wizard Howl.

Striking an agreement with a fire demon named Calcifer (not a dragon, but still a delightful fiery friend), Sophie must discover the truth about Howl and combat the Witch of the Waste! Sophie’s adventures include a portal disguised as a door (the laziness displayed by wizards who devise methods to avoid sprouting a good pair of wings continues to baffle me), a kidnapped prince, and a sprinkle of romance. (This bashful oversized lizard enjoys a dash of romance.)

Yet again, wizards leave dragons out of their tale of adventure. However, this dragon likes to believe the castle is a dragon in disguise! The castle possesses a magical (and sizzling) heart, which drives its mysterious movement through the hills. Attributes any dragon would desire to possess.

A delightfully fun read for any age, especially those who enjoy enchanted fairy tales!

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