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Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

This holiday season the humans prepare for a third alien invasion! (Happily, there are no dragons in this novel!)

Certain another attack from an insect-like race from the “Buggers” (gross) will kill the human species; the world government has undertaken the task of breeding military geniuses. Ender Wiggin is one such child soldier and is shipped to Battle School. (In space! This dragon tried to fly to space once, the oxygen grew too thin and the air was too cold for my scales. I was almost the first dragon-naut!) Throughout his training, Ender trains in a null gravity arena. (An impressive feat to fly without wings.) Recognized as the genius he is, Ender revolutionizes the human’s battle strategy and earns his place as a leader. Now he must save earth.

This dragon recommends this book for human readers over 12 who are looking for a science fiction story filled with excitement and unpredictability. My fiery breath was held throughout the night until I fished the last page at dawn. (Which is conveniently my bedtime.)

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