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Beware of what lurks in the shadows...

Rise of the Sons

16-year-old Ali McMillian almost drowned. It wasn’t a run-of-the-mill accident either. A large horse emerged from the lake and dragged her into its murky waters. If it hadn’t been for high school hotshot Leigh Hart, the beast might have succeeded. She was content to chalk the incident up to a delusion, except bizarre creatures continue to appear, hunting her from the shadows.

To complicate things, Leigh will not leave her alone. Yes—he is handsome—but his sudden intrusion in her chaotic life is infuriating. She needs answers, not more questions. 


Someone wants her dead, but why?

Thrust into a magical world, Ali learns mythology is more than old tales. A dangerous enemy has resurfaced, and she is a target.



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Reckoning of the Sons


Ali McMillan is a descendant of the Tuatha de Danann—a supernatural race gifted with mythical abilities. Until a month ago, she didn’t know about dragons, the horrifying sluagh, or three murderous brothers calling themselves the Sons of Carman.

However, these days, she has plenty to look forward to. Junior year of high school, a popular boyfriend, and—let’s be honest—the discovery of magic was pretty wicked. Except, not all is right. One enemy escaped prison, another stalks her dreams, and a wailing banshee appeared, prophesying death.


​Forced to rely on the Tuatha de Danann for help, Ali travels to the Otherworld, where she discovers an old enemy seeks to end a long-standing feud. Faced with a dwindling clock, Ali must find answers. Who are the Fomorians? How are they linked to the Sons of Carman?​ Can she stop the fated banshee’s cry?


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REIGN of the Sons

Ali is certain of one thing—she will kill Dub.


Eight months ago, the Sons of Carman—Dub and Dother—ripped open the barrier between the Otherworld and Ireland, exposing a hidden world of magic and its reclusive wielders, the Tuatha de Danann. Now, with the help of the barbaric, sea-dwelling Fomorians, the Sons are murdering the Tuatha de Danann in droves. Faced with annihilation, the Tuatha de Danann are desperate for Ali’s help. Except, her support hinders her from fulfilling her oath, compelling her to feign pleasantries with Dub.


He’s up to his usual mischief—exasperating her, manipulating her, flirting with her—and she’s finding herself drawn to him.


Author Bio

JD Mitchell is an Indiana native and member of the Indiana Writers Center where she’s able to share her inner nerd with others passionate about storytelling. Tapping her love of fantasy and mythology, JD is the author of RISE OF THE SONS, RECKONING OF THE SONS, and is working on the third installment of the series.

For updates on projects, follow JD on social media: 

When she is not writing, JD enjoys chocolate, grunge rock, cheesy 90s action movies, traveling, and maintains a mythological website. 

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